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Arosci | Pomade


High sheen daily conditioning hair dress that conditions whilst protecting hair against heat-styling tools and against harmful environmental pollutants. Scalp and hair is nourished and moisturised with substantive conditioning ingredients while hair...


DAX | 100% Pure Lanolin


DAX Super Lanolin contains 100% pure lanolin to moisturize, soften, condition, and make hair more manageable. This non-gummy, non-sticky formula protects against dryness and hair breakage. Highly recommended for hair that is brittle, breaking, or...


DAX | Hair Food Plus 4 (7.5oz)


DAX Hair Food Plus 4 is enriched with special ingredients to help hair remain healthy and manageable. With daily application, this nutrient rich treatment can help promote healthier hair and scalp. Directions: Place desired amount in hands and rub...


DAX | Jojoba Oil (7.5oz)


DAX ROOTS Jojoba Oil is ideal for the needs of stressed women's hair. But if you have fine hair, just use a fingertip! Enriched with natural oils, it slowly weights down your hair. Your hair gets a mild, sweet scent of almond and jojoba oil, that reminds...


DAX | Super Light Pomade


DAX super light pomade with lanolin and vegetable oils gives light hold with lots of brilliant shine to all types of hair and slicked styles. A great greasing product for the greased look. Great for styling thin and delicate hair with minimal breakage...


DAX | Vegetable Oils Pomade


DAX Pomade is ideal for dry, brittle hair that breaks short at the ends. Enriched with a blend of oils, daily application will improve the overall condition and appearance of hair. Highly recommended for hair that breaks at the ends from excessive...

Doo Gro

Doo Gro | Anti-Itch Formula (4oz)


Helps promote strong, healthy, shiny hair. This unique dry scalp formula, containing camphor and menthol, helps to relieve itching and tightness due to dry scalp. Safe to use on all types of hair, including natural, relaxed, color treated, braids and...


Jeba | Hair Food


Jeba Natural Hair Products are specially formulated to leave your hair healthy, shiny and full of life. If you've experienced hair breakage, thinning or loss then Jeba Natural Products are for you. For greatest results use all three Jeba products,...


Kuza | Hair Food (8oz)


A blend of essential oils and vitamins, this special formula helps damaged and abused hair becomehealthier and more lustrous. Apply sparingly with fingertips. Gently massage into hair and scalp, then brush. Use daily for best results.

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