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Sheen Spray


KeraCare | Oil Sheen (10oz)


KeraCare Oil Sheen with Humidity Block contains a light conditioning blend of olive oil, carrot oil, and herbal extracts. Enriched with anti-reversion agents. Ingredients: Mineral Oil/Paraffinum Liquidum/Huile Minérale, Isobutane, Propane, Oleo...


Lusters | Pink | Sheen Spray


A lightweight sheen spray designed to defeat frizz and provides your tresses with brilliance and illustrious shine. Light formula with a pleasant fragrance as its enriched with mink and wheat germ oils. Contains special sunscreen Directions Hold can...


Parnevu | T-Tree | Oil Sheen (12oz)


Parnevu T-Tree Oil Sheen adds a brilliant luster to dry, dull hair. Our unique formula, containing nature's finest Tea Tree Oil, helps to stop itching and flaking from severely dry hair and scalp. Tea Tree Oil naturally contains anti-bacterial and...


Pro-Line | Oil Sheen (10oz)


Pro Line Oil Sheen is a favorite spray for dry hair that needs moisture to minimize frizz and make hair more manageable. Enriched with aloe.  Directions Hold can 6 to 8 inches from hair and lightly spray until desired sheen is achieved. Ingredients...

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